Letter to the Health Minister of Australia

Dear Tanya Plibersek,

With the Federal Election immanent, I would like to know your future strategy on mental health for the coming term, should you retain power.

My mother is looking after my mentally ill brother and is exhausted. He’s now 46 was diagnosed schizophrenic 26 years ago.

Could you please let me know what your policy will be for mental health support? It has been stripped bare over the last ten years and families all over the country are suffering because there is no federal initiative and state governments are not receiving funding or strategy so are cutting back on resources, facilities and phone support.

With mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression and suicide rates increasing dramatically, it is obvious there is a time bomb waiting to explode. This is deeply concerning and the worrying trend of ignoring mental health support will come at a huge cost to our fabric of society. What is your strategy for dealing with the impact on families and society of mental illness?
Why is no-one talking about this issue?

Your response will be very much appreciated.

Yours truly,
Sarah M Cloutier