Australia – Marriage Equality


Dear Mr Hockey,

Fortunately, we are living in a democratic society, where we have the right to vote on what governs our lives. Those votes are attached to people like you and me, who have a voice and choose to exercise that.

The vote against a free vote for marriage equality has shown the world, through the expression of the sitting government, that Australia is retarded, misguided and bigoted in our view on humanity. We are all equal, in essence, regardless of gender, socio economic status, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The Coalition party has given all Australians the opportunity to voice their disappointment (disgust is more truthful) at the appalling lack of understanding, care or compassion for our equal citizens.

We implore you to take a stand and honour all of us, equally so, and express your compassion and understanding for every single Australian.

What if one of your three children is LGBT? What will you say to them in 15 years time when they ask why you didn’t act?

Yours sincerely, Sarah Cloutier

6 thoughts on “Australia – Marriage Equality

  1. I think Mr Hockey may be sitting with his hands on his ears chanting ‘not listening, not listening’ over and over on this one. On topics such as equality of marriage politicians should be allowed to vote with their conscience and not what their party states. Bully boy tactics to try and hold some sort of grip on society, a grip that went out of fashion decades ago. Time to check the pulse of the populous and get with it.

  2. This is a big wake up call, you think of Australia as being a modern country, but then something like this happens and you see how retarded it really is and it’s very disturbing, but shows there is a lot to be done…

  3. An “appalling lack” of compassion and understanding indeed Sarah Cloutier. Gobsmackingly backward and gobsmackingly appalling – revealing that our sitting government is more concerned with being favoured and having its strings pulled (by whom we well ask?) than representing and standing for what should be the unquestionable and fundamental rights of all.
    Where do ‘the people’ stand in this equation?

  4. The crazy thing about this is that the majority (over 70% in recent polls) agree that people who are gay or lesbian should be able to marry the same as everybody else. So my question is why is the government unable or should I say unwilling to make marriage available equally for all in our community, when this is what most in the community actually want. Are they not their to represent the community? If not…why not?

  5. I cannot understand how the government can deny people the legal recognition of their love, and the legal rights that follow. It is especially heart-breaking when people of different nationalities are denied the opportunity to live together, a right any other couple is afforded. Let’s face it, marriage was not originally an expression of law, but more about protecting property and then religion made it about it’s interpretation of rules (to what end one may ask). Let’s make it about people and love and their right to lawfully live together again.

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