My comment on JK Rowling’s Leveson Inquiry Response

I’m disappointed that Mr Cameron is submissive to the press and not able to stand up and do what is right for the people of the UK. He is the elected leader of this country and he is not taking responsibility for the whole, but bending to a few ‘in power’ to not be the true leader we need now.

The Leveson Inquiry was an expensive, time consuming exercise intended to support the ALL the citizens of the UK, with no bias. The outcome should be for the benefit of the whole and a true leader would see the impact on every individual and not the profits of a few. These few have too much power, are unaccountable and Teflon.

It’s appalling that the recommendations are not being fully considered before being rejected. I agree that all people should have the opportunity to hold the press accountable for lies, intrusion, manipulation and harassment of ordinary citizens.

Mr Cameron could have used this as an opportunity to be strong and decisive and make a stand for truth. We will have to wait to see if the PCC is dissolved – and what then will hold the press accountable?

4 thoughts on “My comment on JK Rowling’s Leveson Inquiry Response

  1. Well said, Sarah. David Cameron, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition all said at the outset that a new body was required, Cameron describing the PCC as “ineffective and lacking in rigour”. There was also a commitment to sensible change, and awareness of the LONG history of ineffectual actions taken. It’s time for accountability and truth, as you say. Everyone is “nervous” about affecting “free speech”, when it’s the very thing that’s being undermined by the industry that is the media, when there is no form of accessible and solid redress for those who have been misrepresented and harmed. As JK Rowling said, not even she – with loads of financial resources – can call the press to account in the current situation. “Enough!” (to quote yourself!)

  2. So true Sarah. . David Cameron has sold out to the press. if he does not implement what he said he would do, where is his integrity, where is his responsibility? Will we be able to trust what he says from now on?
    Accountability, responsibility and integrity, three words that are no longer adhere to by the politicians and the media….so what example are they setting for the rest of society.
    Until the media are made accountable for their actions they will continue to abuse innocent people in the name of free speech.

  3. Well said Sarah, it feels like Cameron did a knee jerk reaction rather than taking into account the 2,000 word report thoroughly, and contemplating a response that truly supports the citizens of the UK. Who guards the guardians?

  4. It feels that this issue and it’s investigation – despite the great need and potential for change it has confirmed and offered – is being ‘handled’ in the same way most political issues and responsibilities are undertaken on our (that is the people’s) behalf; and that is, devoid of any real understanding, care or even intention to work for that which is right, just and true for the whole of the ‘people’ (yes we are people, not just statistics or poll figures) and not just the interests of a commercially valued few.

    The need for change in the way ‘we allow’ our governments to represent our interests is clearly apparent, as anyone with common sense can see that ‘our’ interests are seldom truly considered, save for the customary trow-away line placed within a formal address – included only as a diplomatic pacifier I assure you.

    Our government seems to act like a public corporation; demonstrating corruption, self-interest and gain, a lack of care and consideration for people and abuse of position and power to achieve all of the above. One would need a very fine tooth comb indeed to find evidence that our governmental bodies are – by intention – a collection of publicly chosen representatives working in service ‘for’ a greater whole.

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