Letter to BBC One – Panorama re Jimmy Savile


Your story on Jimmy Savile was long overdue – about 50 years overdue. It felt like the Beeb was more disappointed it didn’t get the scoop and quibbling over who was responsible for pulling the story last November than investigating the real story.

The real story here is the Criminal Collusion in paedophilia of literally hundreds of people while he was a predator.

Everyone you interviewed who worked with Savile had heard him bragging about having sex with girls, had seen Savile with young girls and boys, had known there was something illegal going on – and did nothing.

Paul Gambaccini should be arrested – appalling that he knew what was going on and did nothing, said nothing. In fact, all the men from the BBC interviewed are obviously lying and chose to do nothing to stop the obviously wide-spread paedophile gang at the BBC. Your key victim said there were loads of people in the dressing room when Gary Glitter was raping a girl. It’s glaringly obvious that there are now hundreds of men shaking in their boots and hoping the police don’t expose their perversion.  I was victim to a predatory sexual abuser from age 5-10 and I know a liar when I see one.

It’s obvious that hundreds of people were in Criminal Collusion with Savile and that’s the real story. Savile’s own admission in his autobiography that he had taken a young girl in one night – and that if the officer told anyone about it, that everyone at the station would go down too – is a clear indication that everyone knew what was going on, and still it was allowed to continue for the ratings – incomprehensible. The POLICE knew and still did nothing. That needs criminal investigation.

How can you let this REAL story be allowed to go untold?

The more TRUTHFUL story is that this is still going on today – the abuse of girls and boys as sex slaves in England and all over the world perpetuates this attitude that it’s somehow OK to sexually exploit young people and the rest of the cronies getting gratification from this perversion will cover it up so they are not all exposed in their Criminal Collusion.

You have the opportunity and the RESPONSIBILITY now to blow this out of the water and get TRUE justice for all the girls and boys being exploited by paedophilia gangs. And insistently produce research to expose all the colluders in the Savile years at the BBC. I am more than willing to give time to support this if needed. Whatever it takes. Enough.

I sincerely hope you start to dig deeper into the rot of our society and expose the truth of what we are allowing to exist in our seemingly ‘free’ society. Only free for some, obviously.

Yours truly,
Sarah Cloutier

7 thoughts on “Letter to BBC One – Panorama re Jimmy Savile

  1. Absolute clarity Sarah. There should be no places whatsoever left to hide, for those involved in such criminal collusion. If many are quaking in their boots, rightly so, without question.

  2. A very powerful call for collusion and cover-ups to be investigated thoroughly.
    May all involved in this heinous mistreatment of children – both in the past and current times – be exposed and called to account.

  3. We all know what is right and wrong. What you say is clearly right and what happened here is very wrong. All those involved should be held accountable for their actions, because inaction is an action. This is also a call for all of us to look at our own lives and check if we are colluding with wrong behaviour by not speaking up.

  4. What I found bewildering to the point of deeply annoying and even offensive is that after it got exposed in the initial documentary, all the media continued to refer to him as a Sir!
    Where is ‘Sir’ and any honour that comes (or at least ought to) with that tittle in his absolutely vile behaviour?
    So many in the press turned a blind eye and didn’t give rat’s ass about the atrocities Savile committed, yet on the other hand the journalists want to remain PC by using his full title. This is pathetic!
    ‘Sir’, my back side!!!

  5. Thanks Sarah for your awesome letter to the BBC. I fully support your position on this. I find it astounding and so very sad that there has been so much collusion and cover-up about this. People I listened to on the radio and watched on TV and at times looking up to are now being exposed as paedophiles, or assisting paedophiles in their crimes. Wow, so sad.

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