Old London Town

There’s a confidence about London – self assured and knowing that it is gloriously old and refreshingly new at the same time.

And it has a propensity to rub off …

There’s a confidence in my expression in London that I love – more willing to explore and be adventurous with how I dress and have more fun in mixing up my wardrobe.

The creative industry I work in has a wonderful blend of nationalities, ages and attitudes. And each comes together in the melting pot of style and easy charm that London exudes. Walking around, on the tube and in the office, I am constantly inspired by men and women and their choices of clothes, hair styles and accessories.

Returning to London has re-ignited my creative flare to explore my expression within this amazing city and be more ME in every moment, every interaction and re-imprint my living way – time to not hold back and express me within the welcome arms in the city I LOVE.

Have fun exploring your expression … wherever you are 🙂

3 thoughts on “Old London Town

  1. I knew we’d get your liquid like expression going once you are back in L Town wearing your favourite dress 😉
    I too love Londres – it has been my home for aeons 😉
    Welcome back Angel…xx

  2. I love the lightness and play in this post and can feel how you in turn will inspire by your choice to walk steady in your own fabulous clothes, with fabulous hair, being … fabulous!

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