2 thoughts on “Stop the Abuse of Women in/by the Media

  1. Hi Sarah,
    thanks so much for starting the petition! I have just signed up.
    also think that we as women have just got used to this rubbish treatment by the Media, accepting it as normal.
    I do from time to time write to individual magazines or advertisers to protest about their portrayal of woman ( the last time about a fashion advert that showed a naked female torso – and the nipples had been photoshopped out of the picture. It look bizarre but I guess with the nipples they would not have been able to run the ad in a mainstream magazine).
    Maybe what we need is a Media Watch group run by women so that we can muster large numbers quickly and protest with more clout? Or maybe organisations like Mumsnet could get behind the idea and organise large numbers of women to protest when needed. Or simply a facebook page where we can name and shame and then write to the PR unit of the respective Media to alert them to the bad press they are getting?
    Keep going, and if you have time take a look at my website and blog … we might have more to say to each other. Best regards, Marga

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