Energetic Responsibility in the Workplace

I completed a day of manager training on Anti-Discrimination and Equality in the workplace recently. The presenter was confident on the topic in relation to policy and the law.

The day-long presentation had a lot of role-play situations with actors brought in for us to see some examples of the topic in action. This made the day go faster, but I felt they missed a huge part of how we interact and the impact we have on our colleagues every day.

The presenter was adamant, and backed up by the law, that no matter what you think, how you behave, what you indulge in, or how you react at home or out with friends – you can’t bring this into work. For example, he said, “if I have an issue with people from a different culture, I leave it at the office door and not let it interfere with how I respond to people in the office”. I agree that this is great in theory …

I asked him (and the group) to maybe see it from a different view.

If everything is energy, then we are energetic by nature. So everything we think, feel and say, has an energy behind it. That energy is flowing through us constantly. I questioned whether that’s something we can actually ‘switch off’ as he proposed.

From my own experience, it’s impossible.

How I live my life is with me when I wake up, when I get ready for work, when I drive my car and when I walk into the office, all the thoughts that have been with me during that time I bring into every conversation, email I send and interaction I have during the day – it’s obvious isn’t it? And then the whole day is in that energy, unless I choose to stop and choose another way.

So all that I am is with me all of the time.

Law, legislation and policy are drummed into us in the corporate environment and there’s a definite need to have that as a benchmark. However, if we are not including energetic awareness in the discussion, there’s no true accountability or responsibility taken – it’s all just words.

I will be writing more on this topic


3 thoughts on “Energetic Responsibility in the Workplace

  1. It seems to me that it’s not just words, if as you say everything is energy, then it’s the energy of those words and what’s coming at us with those words. Generally when people present they ‘think’ they are coming from a place of correctness or ‘I’m right because I have studied this topic and I know it inside out’. But it’s what we get along with the know;edge. To start with it makes me feel all buzzy in the head, what I also notice is that knowledge is given more importance, power or credence that what feels right, so I’m asked all the time to make what is known more important than what I feel. But it gets worse, I’m asked to ditch what I feel and side with knowledge.
    A knowing on the other hand comes from what I feel inside, but that is belittled and over-ridden by what is in the mind. But how do I know truly if the presenter is telling the truth if I don’t feel? He could be selling a bunch of paper moons for all I know. I’d rather trust what I can feel than a buzz in my head.
    Ariana Ray, Wales UK.

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